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Some Christians celebrate it rather than being mournful as this terrible day led to Jesus resurrection 3 days ahead on Easter after he died for mankind’s sins. This day is also known as Black Friday.

Christians fast and mourn on this day. Good Friday is the Last Friday of Holy Week before Easter Sunday. Christians on this day Commemorate the act of Jesus’ sacrifice. It is observed differently throughout the Christian community with the tradition and cultures of their region. Processions are held in streets, churches do a three-hour sermon.

‘Good Friday’ name was given by the Roman Church in the 6th-7th century, before that it was called ‘Holy’ or ‘Great’ Friday. The ‘Good’ in Good Friday comes from old English when Good meant Holy. It is also known as Black Friday in some cultures.

Christians all around the world observe Good Friday with respect and humility. Good Friday is the day of Jesus’ crucifixion after betrayal from Judas. Jesus was beaten and nailed to a cross, where He was left to die and on that cross, Jesus sacrificed His life for mankind’s sins. This happened because High Priest reaches his goal of greeting rid of Jesus Christ. He falsely accused Jesus of claiming to be Jewish King and Blasphemy against King.

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