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India Vs West Indies

Fans of cricket were curious how the first day of India vs west indies will go for their respective teams. Virat Kohli is looking in a good form and would be well supported by his fans and team members. They need to put a good total so that they remain dominant for the rest of the test. West Indies bowlers bowl tide, but we all knew that Indian batsman would get runs from bowlers, and that happened. Before lunchtime, Kohli was near his double hundred like any professional set batsman. That’s the reason why cricket fans like him. He was well supported by Ravi Chandra Ashwin, who scored a good 113. Ashwin’s batting has faced ups and downs from his debut in 2011. His average score against other teams is 29, and highest is 91 not out but against West Indies, his average score is 64. Virat Kohli after his double century got out on the first bowl after the lunch. Gabrial is a seamer and on 200 scores Virat Kohli got out in the very first bowl of the Gabrial.

Match going well for

Test series is going well for Indian yet, nobody knows what will happen and who’ll win this series, but there are 75 percent chances of India from my perspective. Westindies has refused to attack that gives India the opportunity to score high runs than before. Some cricket fans think that it’s not good to go with 5 batsmen to play Test series overseas because you can’t expect runs from Ashwin, Shami, and Mishra in overseas condition. However Ashwin is doing good lately but in the start, he didn’t inspire them much. West Indies looked tiered bowl as they were failed to take chances with the new ball. The shoulders were dropping, and laziness was all over the West Indies players as Indian batsman started to score runs.

Test History of India vs West Indies

India and West Indies have played 90 test matches so far, 45 matches were played in India, and 45 matches were played in West Indies. The 45 matches played in India, India won 11 matches, and West Indies won 14, 20 matches were drawn. The 45 matches played in West Indies; India won 4 of them, and West Indies won 16 matches, 24 matches were drawn in west indies. Sunil Grover scored most of the scores from India side, and he is top scorer of these 90 matches. cliveLioyed played most of these 90 matches. First India vs West Indies test match was on 10 November 1998, and they met on 90 occasions, now its 91st test match, west indies have a lead of 30 wins against India’s 16 wins. Indian cricket fans want the Indian team to win all the series and come near to wins of West Indies, under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, there are many chances of wins. He has played a captain’s innings and hopefully, he will play all the matches with this spirit. India scored 566/8.