Tank Trouble


Tank Trouble is a video game that is designed by “Danish Mads Purup”. It’s basically a game in which can be played by one to three players from one computer. It’s a network party game so the main objective of this game is to abolish the further tanks to get the one point in it. So, the tank work is to shoot bullets that bounce off the walls. Tank trouble unblocked having some further weapons each one with owns their special powers that enhance the powers of the weapons so far. There are following several versions relate to this game like the primary version that is created by the official sites. The reason behind it the popularity of Tank Trouble unblocked is some people who created the Tank Trouble 2 or the Demo games that are the most famous in all over the world. In this game, you guys can have to be drive tank about maze to be hunt down to the other one players. So, you just get to kill count or to beat friends. Tank Trouble is may expression modest, but which because it’s simply based on the eldest arcade games over there. Tank trouble is living proof which some styles and titles that can be stand out trial of time.

Game Objective:

The main object of this game is very simple that blow up enemy tanks. It does not end up there. Sideways from the dodging opponent fire, you should navigate only through with maze to trap and try that flank and just plain astonish to the other one player only before get you the first one. Use the random bonus that drops down just to enhance your tank’s in firepower. So, through this, you can get bonuses so far.


There are following features of tank trouble unblocked are as follows:

  • The battles are fought in a definitive top view arcade
  • The game can be played against both the computer or two persons
  • This game introduces a new strategy in which bullets bounce off the walls
  • The tank can be upgraded throughout the map by various bonuses
  • There are a variety of maps in the game which add variety to the game
  • The weapons have a great range of variety: missiles, guns, arms, etc.


This game can be used to play in all 3 main platforms these are Android, PC, and iOS.

Developer of Games

This game was created by “Tyler Glass”.

Game Controls

Player 1:

  • Down Arrow“down/backward”
  • Up Arrow “up/forward”
  • Left Arrow“turn left”
  • Right Arrow “turn right”
  • M key “fire”

Player 2:

  • E “up/forward”
  • D “down/backward”
  • S “turn left”
  • F “turn right”
  • Q “fire”

Player 3:

  • The third player will use the mouse to move the tanks or the fires only with the left button of the mouse keys in tank trouble unblocked.

There is the following instruction for one played allowed in tank trouble.

  • Green Tank: You should use WASD just to move or press Q just to shoot.
  • Red Tank: Using arrow key to move the tank and press M just for a shoot
  • Blue Tank: Using the mouse to aim or with the left mouse key-button to shoot.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1empTpLYDEc